Sunday, October 27, 2013

Character Painting

Whew! That one took a while, but thanks to tooling around on the interwebz, I was able to find another tutorial to spark some inspiration to paint.

This painting is yet another concept of an earlier sketch, also posted to Sketcherific back in the day (in fact it was my first post ever!), and has been lingering around on the fringes of my mind for a long time. I was very happy to be brave and paint completely on one layer. I still kept my line work separate. However, I made heavier use of highlighting the line work after I was done with a majority of the painting.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the background color. I think it may be interfering with the figure's clothing. Perhaps that will be fodder for another post!

Here's the final product:

And here's a close up of the face of course! I'm happy with how that came out.