Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maiden and the Mare

Recently, I've had a longing for the old children's books of yore, mostly aimed at young girls, filled with unicorns and princesses. When I think of fairy tale books with unicorns and horses I immediately think of Stephen Cosgrove (author) and Robin James (illustrator) who did a series of books published under Serendipity. Some titles you might know about are Morgan Mine, Mumkin and Morgan Morning. There are many others, but these three were a source of visual joy as a child amongst others.

This sketch is probably heavily influenced by my childhood dreams coming from stories like the above. I hope to do many more in this vein.

Here's close-up!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out of the Ice Box

I remember taking a creative writing class in college where the professor related a method by which writers ensured that in the event of a fire their physical manuscripts would be most likely to survive. This method involved storing the stack of paper in the freezer. I'm curious, did the pages get freezer burn?

I can't say I've ever tried it - I don't write enough - but I do have difficulty storing the plethora of drawings, sketches and finished art that I have collected over the years. Often, an unwanted piece goes to my mother or my sister. Sometimes, I throw it away... I can't say these are worthy of being stored in a freezer, but they were fun to draw.