Saturday, July 23, 2011

Themed Like 100°!

Here are some themed sketches in light of the recent heat wave in my area! It has been a longer heat wave than most of us are used to here. When you get into your car which has been parked in an exposed, sunny parking lot for eight hours and you feel no discernible change in temperature from open air to car, you know it's hot. I went for a short walk the same day in near 100° temperatures (which is not typical for this region) for the heck of it. When am I going to get a chance to walk outside in wind that is the same temperature as the asphalt? Yes, it was very hot (there were heat advisories), but my companion brought water and we partook of that along the way. Safety first kids.

In light of that, here's some refreshing water:

And a critter who could probably use a little of it:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Safari in a Box

I recently visited the zoo in my area, which is not a large affair, but it is most gratifying in it's selection of beasties which includes a pair of hyenas and rhinos among other things. I took my sketchbook with me and managed to grab a few quick sketches.

I thought the rhinos had some of the prettiest eyes and feet. A strange thing to say about a rhino, but that was my impression at the time!

And then I did a few sketches a day or so later off of the inspiration I got from seeing all of the exotic animals.