Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Critters That Own Your Home

It's about time I posted a sketch of my cat!

Some people like dogs. That's OK. Let them like dogs. In my opinion, they're not as fun as cats. While owning one or the other has it's own distinct advantages and disadvantages, I'd rather opt for a cat simply because they are more interesting and easier to mess with. The house I live in has three total, two males and one female (she rules supreme), and they all have vastly different personalities. I've never met a cat that didn't have some striking "character" trait or personality; whether it was just being extremely laid back or spunky, each one came off as an individual. I also happen to find them superior in visual aesthetics compared to a dog with the exception of the greyhound and it's cousins.

It's been an experience owning a cat. You find that certain things aren't safe anymore, like hair ties or plastic bags. Or the trash can. Sometimes it's funny, other times... well let's say I've had my fair share of cleaning up hair balls and it's not so much fun. I still enjoy them immensely, despite the occasional issue or two or three... ^_~

So here's the sketch I did just the other day of my hug-able kitty!

And here's a bonus image I thought I'd throw in. So cute! (When he's not jumping into our trash can)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dino Girl Returns!

So you might remember Dino Girl from a previous post. It was about time to pull her out and dust her off a bit. What? No gun slinging?! I figure she needs to take a break sometime. Why not climb into an abandoned building and sit in the window for a while? This time I'm experimenting with a little environment and mood. Besides the fact that the window is "floating" in space, I enjoyed this sketch. Unfortunately, I haven't exactly made up any playmates/diabolical villains for her to interact with. Perhaps in a future post...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Silly Approach to Stress Relief

Stress is an interesting thing. It has different levels, different names (depending on the person) and different ways of being relieved. Some people like to scream, others box, some read, sing opera, etc, etc. I like to draw silly things. While this isn't the primary way I relieve stress, I find that it is helpful to draw ridiculous things to put my worries in perspective; it gets my mind off my own troubles and forces me to think about something other than... well stress. Knowing that other people might find it silly is also nice and gives me incentive. I find that being helpful to other people or just doing something nice can not only lift the spirits of the receiver but the giver as well. True story.

So I suppose you can thank my stressful week for the following sketch. These lovable doodles were created in lieu of a drawing that I started while shopping at the mall (I was bored while waiting outside a fitting room). I think I might have been tired when I drew them later in the day... ^_~