Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Late Birthday

Well, I just realized that my last post on August 14 was the one year anniversary of the start of this blog! It's a shame I didn't notice ahead of time, or I would have planned something special. Well, hopefully the continued posting of new sketches will be celebration enough!

Here's a sketch I particularly enjoyed drawing. It focuses more on pattern and form than any actual realism. Again, this is reminiscent of Art Nouveau, and I don't mind one bit! I enjoy the simplified organic shapes and forms that Art Nouveau uses; if I can use it more in my work then that would be great. I've always had a love of simple - but not boring - line work. It figures strongly in my watercolor pieces and even plays an important role in my acrylic paintings as it makes the skeleton that all of the colors sit on.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Flower Picking Adventure with Wizlewaud & Cropall

I finally got around to drawing two of my favorite characters! Wizlewaud and Cropall return with a few sketches of them picking flowers and enjoying the outdoors.

Summer is that wonderful time of year when people can leave their cocoon-like existence during winter and actually experience the phenomenon of fresh air. It's unfortunate so many people run from air conditioning to air conditioning when the weather gets too hot (myself included). Most of the working world is stuck for eight hours inside, and then when they leave, it's to run to the air-conditioned car to get to the air-conditioned house! Tragic. I understand the need to do this when people live in areas with extremely high humidity (nearly tropical in my area once in a while), or in areas where temperatures are well over the 100 degree point, but at least try to get outside when the weather's good, even if you've had a tough day at work! You'll feel better for it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Owl See You Soon Enough

I have recently acquired a new subject of fascination in the realm of wildlife. As suddenly as my addiction to foxes came on, so did this recent frenzy for anything I can find on barn owls. It's not just owls in general, although I find them all intriguing, but the barn owl holds a special place in my interest mostly because of the aesthetic of their faces. Their faces are so simple and distinct compared to the other species that you commonly see. Their distinctly black eyes set in a white face accentuate the strangeness of their movement. They are visually cleaner in this artist's opinion.

The barn owl is the bird of choice for the below sketch. It is also sporting a flowing robe and a lantern over a swirly well of water. 

Apparently, there is a bit of a cult following for one specific owl named, Molly. You can watch a live web cam of her here as she and mate, McGee, raise a clutch of eggs. One just hatched on the 7th. The blog has some wonderful photos of the owls as well. I had no idea this was such a big thing until I started hunting for footage of barn owls, and there pops up a web cam maintained by Carlos Royal and family!

There seems to be quite a trend for owls in fashion as well. I have seen several large pendants, watches, warm hats, and t-shirts with stylized owls on them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First in August

First post in August!

Here's the logic behind this drawing for those that are interested (I don't really recommend working this way, but this is how did this particular doodle):

1. I drew a face for the heck of it. The funky hair was a nice touch.
2. I drew the body and randomly decided to use a kimono because they flow nicely. I was feeling lazy, so I made the bottom of the skirt flow into a smokey, ghostly curl.
3. Added some strange face paint for interest and the necklace.
4. Then I had to decide what to put in the background, and what's my favorite creature to draw of all time besides deer and/or monsters? That's right class: foxes. Floating foxes to be exact, which is about %62.41111 better than the walking model.