Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holding Out for Sherbert

Thankfully, I've had a productive couple weeks on the personal drawing side of my life. That and a little inspiration by some friendly deer and the Art Nouveau movement (again). I was getting a little tired of the plain old black and white theme of this blog. Who says sketches can't be in color? Or fun sherbert inspired colors. So I changed the banner using this fun design I did. It is not a master piece, but I am happy with how the antlers intertwine. It would serve well for a cute greeting card or thank you note, which is what it is displayed as below.

It was another one of those drawings that worked well as a copy-and-flip deal. This time, it wasn't due to lack of paper, but more or less, I just didn't want to go through the effort of trying to draw it exactly the same on the other side. It was also another fun opportunity to see what I could do with a little creative Photoshop filtering, etc, etc. I also needed to edit a few *ahem* mistakes. ^_~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

March of the Doodles

There were several pages of doodles laying around on my hard drive, so I thought I'd pick out some nice ones to show. What does a turtle and a bunny have to do with a volcano? Who knows! Done at various times, these pages have a wide range of subjects.

It's hard to keep up with drawing since my full-time job has really picked up pace, but I try to use it as a way to decompress.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kitsune Returns!

This image was colored, corrected and cropped in Photoshop CS4. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but it is still considered a sketch in my opinion and not a finished work. The whole image didn't make a lot of sense as it was so I decided to leave out the parts that could cause confusion. I used a very simple filter over one of the beige layers I had to create a canvas texture. It's rudimentary, but it gets the job done.

Here is the original pen drawing that I did. I had plans to put in some stool, bench or chair for her to be sitting on, but I just had so much fooling around with the color in Photoshop I had to post something about it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too Many Samurai Movies...

A couple weeks ago, I felt the need to watch several movies by Akira Kurosawa. I happen to like some Clint Eastwood movies, and when I heard he had been inspired by one of Akira Kurosawa's films, specifically, Yojimbo, I had to take a look! I have since watched Yojimbo, Sanjuro and Seven Samurai. Ok, so I only watched Yojimbo all the way through, but Sanjuro and Seven Samurai were at least halfway finished when I became distracted by some event in life (probably sleep). However, I had seen enough to be pleased, especially in Yojimbo (which I did see in its entirety). Kurosawa's movies are violent, yes, but nowhere near as graphic in its violence as some movies I could mention; no blood was shown despite much slashing about with a sword. The below sketch is the spawn of watching so many samurai flicks in a row...

For those of you who have watched these types of movies, you'll know that there is much brooding and of course when you brood, you must drink sake to facilitate it. Having had the privilege to sample some sake at a local Japanese restaurant a while back, I became interested in repeating the experience by purchasing some from a local liquor store. I tried two types which were both splendid, but I enjoyed one more than the other by far.

One Half Makes A Whole

Sometimes when inspiration strikes, there simply isn't enough room on the page to contain it. I was looking through some old sketches in the month of May and found one that I felt would fit this scenario. Having a pocket-sized drawing pad tucked safely into my purse is a boon, but sometimes, you just need to have a larger piece of paper to begin with.

The image above is a sample of what I took from my small sketchbook. I started the eye on a whim and then started expanding the face, but, alas, the scale was too large to complete the face. Later, I decided to construct a whole face by copying and flipping the image on my computer. Thanks to some handy work with the clone tool in Photoshop, I was able to get rid of the binding edges and some imperfections, like the dates I had scrawled into the corners. The below image is the result.

She looks a little cross eyed, but overall I'm satisfied by the exercise. When dealing with a symmetrical subject and an insufficient drawing space, this is a nice trick to remember. It is far better to get the supplies you need to complete an idea than to use inferior tools, but sometimes it just isn't possible due to the constraints of time and space.