Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage Waves

At first this seemed like just a quick doodle... now it feels like more and begs development. I was thinking it would make a perfect perfume or soap label done in a vintage style. Early brainstorms into what kind of fonts to use on this have come up with empty nets so to speak. I feel an Art Nouveau inspired font would work nicely, yet my library of fonts is lacking the proper characters. Apparently, the hunt is on.

For now, this is merely an interesting doodle. Perhaps it will come back as a more inspired design piece.

Initial searches into what vintage and Art Nouveau labels look like revealed an interesting market. I can't imagine wanting to buy an old label for two dollars let alone ten, but if that's what you are into collecting, I imagine that it would be worth it. Still, selling old labels to the masses seems odd. Why not keep old garment tags and sell those, too? It's possible some one is doing just that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gangsta Tattoos, Poses, Phrases

So a while back, I started watching Prison Break, and being artistically inclined like I am, was fascinated by the detailed tattoo that the protagonist wears. This spawned a whole foray of research into the world of tattoos. Most of what I learned can be summed up in one word (exclamation really): OUCH!

Tattoos are pretty neat though. Well, except that fading part, and the painful hours in the chair part... and the inevitable sagging of said surface with age. Yeah. Not really something I would do, but really neat to see people who have planned out elaborate patterns and have done rather well for themselves as far as being a walking piece of art. Major kudos to the tat artists who spend hours inking up clients.

Here are some that I found through a quick browse:
Direct Link to Artist from White Tiger Tattoo
Direct Link to Artist from Lucky Lotus Studio

So this sketch is really just a fun spin-off of those thoughts. I was actually trying to design my own tattoo at one point so I was also thinking of some fun phrases.