Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Keep Drawing, Drawing, Drawing.

I wouldn't really admit to any obsessive compulsive behavior, but I have to say, that I have a problem with getting to places early, especially if I am nervous about whatever is going on in said place. For example, arriving at an interview, a performance, or work about 15 minutes early. Recently, I have been arriving for work about 20 minutes early. I'm not really complaining! I'd much rather be early than late, but sleep seems so scarce these days. With weather being bad it's hard to justify putting more of those minutes in the ZZZ-zone.

Finding time in my day to draw has been a challenge lately. I take my sketchbook to the couch, which is promising, but usually it ends up laying there while I let my brain turn to mush in front of the Glowing Box. Since I have so much free time before I actually have to start work, I decided to utilize it in a way that can only make me happy: by sketching. It's nothing grand, but it's definitely starting the day right in my opinion. I pick a spot on the page, doodle and date it. Then do the same thing the next day, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Amazing Imaginary Teahouse, Batman!

This isn't really anything specific; I conjured this more or less as I was doodling. I believe I was thinking of a teahouse though. Specifically, the wonderful Japanese garden at Sonnenberg Gardens which has a teahouse there. The plaque near it describes it as the "children's playhouse," which I'm sure it was, but I never grew up with any playhouse that had that grownup quality, namely the smell of money. The whole estate is very beautiful. It was merely a "summer cottage" in its day, but is now host to all sorts of tourist, artistically inclined and green-thumbed individuals. It seems to also be quite the popular place for weddings although I'm sure that also comes with it's own distinct smell of green... and not the type that grows over the lawn.

They also happen to have an impressive rose garden which has a wide variety of roses that bloom at various times during the summer. I always make a point to stop and smell a few whenever I visit.