Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Holiday Madness (?)

What?! People giving gifts and having fun on ...Christmas?!?! Yeah, so the Christmas season has definitely set in, and if you can make it through a store without letting the crazed mobs and looping Christmas songs drive you into an utter frenzy, I commend you. Also, try to not run anyone over on the way out of the mall. That could have seriously hurt.

On a brighter note, I felt like drawing something mushy and happy. Every now and then I have to do something like this, maybe just to prove to myself that I'm a normal (?) person and I can still relate to other normal people. Artists tend to take a sideways approach to anything considered mainstream, which is not bad, but can make you feel a little lonely on certain days of the week. Usually, Wednesday.

The update schedule will be changing again! (Like you didn't see it coming) It will now be RANDOM! I'm not too keen on the quality of some of these sketches, so I'll probably cut down the quantity in favor of quality. An update every week would still be my goal, but I can't say I'll be able to stick to that.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Famously Aimless

When I'm trying to work out a rough idea through thumbnails in my sketchbook, I often distract myself by doodling bunny trails and silly characters that are not related to the project, especially if I don't have a deadline. While it keeps me from progressing quickly with my project, it also provides a convenient outlet. Sometimes it even helps me to resolve a problem with my current project; a totally unrelated solution may present itself that I would not have otherwise thought an acceptable answer to my "problem."

It's like looking for a missing object. You look in all the right place, all the places it should be, while conveniently forgetting that the reason it was lost in the first place was because it had been moved to a place where it shouldn't be. Logically, you should look in all the places you were sure you would not have stowed said object and that is where it will be.

Who says art is useless? You'll thank me later when you can find your wallet.